Leci Logistics

Logistics management is one of the complex challenges facing many construction sites. These problems have the tendency to impact the projects and negatively influence the successful achievement of projects' goals.
LECI Logistics provides professional construction logistics solutions tailored to suit site requirements. Our team provides construction site logistics scope definition, coordination, Vehicle Management, Delivery Management, Traffic Management and Signage Planning, Waste Management, Site Security, CCTV, Perimeter and Access solutions.

Traffic Management

LECI manages vehicular and pedestrian traffic to ensure the construction site operates safely and efficiently. We will develop a Traffic Management Plan to in line with the project construction programme during the pre-construction stage.
Our site logistics manager and our team will implement and manage the plan throughout the project construction phase in conjunction with your company and in accordance with your company’s policies. Our traffic management includes supply & installation of traffic signage & equipment; vehicle & pedestrian segregation equipment.

Waste Management

LECI Logistics will develop a bespoke waste management strategy for your project. The primary objective of our waste management system is to minimise the total amount of waste produced. We operate a simple user-friendly Waste Management system on site, 98% of our waste is recycled therefore providing our clients with a means to achieving the highest possible sustainable ratings.

Delivery Management

LECI Logistics provides a web-based booking system for site deliveries system that will be tailored to individual site’s needs, it allows users to access the system from anywhere there is an internet connection Contractors and subcontractors on site are issued with a site-specific log in. Our logistics techniques will incorporate Just-in-time (JIT) delivery that will ensure materials are brought to site just in time to be used, reducing the need to store excessive levels of material.
Our delivery management system has the facility to provide reports to the management team in respect of the delivery schedules.

Material Distribution

At LECI Logistics, we work with our clients and their subcontractors to ensure good material distribution on site. We will set up a material distribution scheduling in accordance with the site requirements. In a complex site, we will operate material distribution booking system to ensure that materials are distributed and delivered to site locations only when required in order to free up spaces on site.

Site Security Solutions

Construction sites requires high level of security to ensure that the site is well secured against any form of intrusion. LECI Logistics provides security guards that are trained are highly qualified. Our security guards are fully vetted under our stringent processes and are SIA licensed. Our security guards are also trained to monitor the CCTV cameras and all intrusion detective gadgets. Our Contracts Manager will visit site and carry out a security survey and risk assessment. Our security service is managed from a central controlled room.