Appointed Person

To plan lifting operations in accordance with current legislation codes of practice and company policies and procedures.

Crane Supervisors

To control the lifting operations on site, working with the lift plans, method statements and risk assessments. To give a toolbox talk daily and ensure that lifting operations are complying with the lift plans, method statements and risk assessments. Carry out weekly lifting accessory inspections. Thoroughly check all lifting operation certs are kept.

Crane Operators

To set up and operate the crane in accordance with the manufactures specifications, inspect and maintain the crane and follow signals as given.

Slinger/ Signallers

Attach and detach loads in compliance with industry agree best practice, relay clear and precise signals via both radio and hand signals in compliance with BS7121 Safe Use of Cranes, inspect lifting accessories.

Inspection & Examination of lifting equipment & accessories
All inspection and examinations will be carried out in accordance with statutory regulations and codes of practice

Site Audits

Our team can carry out a comprehensive audit of your lifting operations on site and give comprehensive solutions on how to improve operational safety and effectiveness.

We have over 20 years of experience in the construction industry. Our on-time delivery above and beyond Customers' expectations is the ethos of our company. We guarantee their quality and reliability for your project. Our Aim is to deliver high quality projects and have a reputation for best quality service. To achieve this, we are in compliance with ISO 9001.

All our management staff are experienced and committed to deliver, quality and safety standard for all our clients.

Leci Construction offer a complete Lifting Operations field associated with cranes and associated plant. Our services include Crane Management and consultancy, The provision of Appointed Persons, Crane Supervisors, Crane Operators and Slinger Signallers. We also supply a full contract lift solution from concept to completion.

At Leci Construction, we are very collaborative, proactive and always offer our clients cost effective solutions. As a result 100 % of our clients give us repeat business.